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3D MAGIC v2.0
3D MAGIC v2.0 LE
3D MAGIC v1.0
3D MAGIC v1.0 LE
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 3D MAGIC v2.0 

 3D MAGIC v2.0: the top-ranking software worldwide

Basic functions of 3D MAGIC v2.0

  1. No limited in size.
  2. No limited in the resolution of TIFF files.
  3. Support RGB color mode and CMYK color mode.
  4. Pitch test: the accuracy up to 0.00001.
  5. Pitch list: save, modify, and load the pitch values.
  6. Data compression: compress the output data by adjusting the resolution of TIFF files.
  7. Layered 3D effects: design 3D effects by layered PSD files. It's suitable to establish the deep space. (Compatible with 3D MAGIC v1.0)
  8. 3D Effects of the Single Layer: to make 3D Effects of the Single Layer by one step command.
  9. Sub-3D: to establish the partial 3D environments by groups of layers in a full 3D environment.The set- tings in Sub-3D are independent to the full environment. By using the function of Sub-3D, the complicated design of 3D effects can be divided into that of several sub-3D spaces, or some finished 3D designs can be composed to one complicated 3D space.
  10. 3D by drawing outline: it means that many new layers can be got from a single layer by drawing the ou- tlines on a single layer, then use these new layers to design 3D effects, and is smooth transition between each layer. It's suitable to establish the 3D effects of the object itself.
  11. The Effects of Rotating, Scaling and Fading by one single layer: By using single layer and one step command, you can design the effects of rotating, scaling, fading, or combination of them, in one way or return way.
  12. Moving effects by single layer: by using single layer and one step command, you can design the moving effects easily, such as moving in horizontal, moving in vertical, and moving ahead and backwards, in one way or return way, and the cycle moving effects.
  13. Morph effect: you can design the effects of the gradual changing between the images on two adjacent layers.
  14. Flip effects on group: make flip effects between any layers or effects, includes 2D-2D flips, 2D-3D flips, and 3D-3D flips.
  15. View interference Control: There are three kinds of way, including: transparent effect, color lightening and color darkening. Finish the View interference Control by using single layer and one command
  16. Modify the view Angles relatively: it can modify the view angles of the units in flip effects.
  17. The Function of Align Center: Only on step can make complement of the central image and eliminate the vertigo or dizzy.
  18. Mask effect: By using Mask effect, you can build the new outline on any layers or effects. with the combination of sub-3D and mask effect, the design of lenticular images could just like the design of flat images, it can complete by tiling several parts of any effects.
  19. Layered 2D effects: design flip effects by layered PSD files, includes the composition of stereo-photos. (Compatible with 3D MAGIC v1.0)
  20. All of these functions can put together to use, it will produce hundreds of effect which will beyond human imagination. 3D MAGIC v2 breaks the limitation between the effects of 3D and flips, and achieve the top-ranking level of lenticular design.
  21. Every effect can be previewed, every value can be saved and loaded later, and the preview images can be saved as GIF files.
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