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3D MAGIC v2.0
3D MAGIC v2.0 LE
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3D MAGIC v1.0 LE
Lenticular materials
Lenticular materials
Double-side transparent adhesive film
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Lenticular images for inkjet printings
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 Lenticular materials 

 3D MAGIC v2 supports all kinds of lenticular materials

Lenticular materials

The function of lenticular materials is to refract the left view and right view, which are made by 3D MAGIC v2 software, to human left eye and right eye respectively, thus 3D images or flip images are produced in human brain. In the light of the effects, lenticular materials could be divided into 3D lens and Flip lens. According to the processing method of images, they could be divided into offset lens and Inkjet lens, and the density for offset is beyond 60 lpi, and no more than 40 lpi for inkjet. There is pitch test function with 3D MAGIC v2 software, and the accuracy of pitch test is up to 0.00001 lpi or 0.00001 mm. 3D MAGIC v2 software can test and use any kinds of lenticular materials allover the world. Shanghai Paul Software supplies all kinds of the lenticular materials made in China, with the density of 10 lpi, 20 lpi, 25 lpi, 30 lpi, 40 lpi, 70 lpi, 75 lpi, 100 lpi, 161 lpi, etc.

Double-side transparent adhesive film

Double-side transparent adhesive film is used to achieve the firm adhesion between the lenticular sheets and output images. Normally, the adhesive film is in roll packages with the format of 36 inches or 50 inches. There are two kinds of adhesive film, one is unstripped film, and another is stripped film. The former is good at adhesiveness, while the latter could be stripped from the lenticular sheets, so the sheets could be recycle used.

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