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3D MAGIC v2.0 professional lenticular software can be used to design the lenticular images of 3D, many kinds of flips, animation, moving, rotating, scaling, morph, and a hundred of combination effects. Any lenticular materials can be used, the preview effects can be saved as GIF files, and the design effects can be saves as TIFF files.

Shanghai Paul Software has been making reaserch and developing new technology in the field of lenticular images for many years. 3D MAGIC v2.0 professional lenticular software presentd by Paul Software is enjoying high reputation in the market, which has autonomous intellectual property rights with the global advanced technology.

Honorably enough, as the first time in China, Shanghai Paul Software and her 3D MAGIC software was jointly chosen by CCTV and Shanghai Satellite TV as a pioneer to make a shooting introduction of the technology of lenticular images in China, and Shanghai Paul Software was also introduced to the worldwide by CCTV International Channel. All above shows that Shanghai Paul Software and her 3D MAGIC software have got customer's approval and market recognition.

3D MAGIC v2.0 gives you freedom in expressing your creative design and animates your image to produce more impressive and vivid works, through large format ink-jet printers or desktop color printers or offset printings.

With rich experiences in lenticular technology, Shanghai Paul Software supplies the expert training for 3D MAGIC v2.0 software, lenticular materials and equipments, and the services of designing and output for lenticular images.
3D MAGIC v2.0
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